End of another semester…

Walter in Bag

It is finally here, the end of another long semester.  Time to put the finishing touches on all those papers and study for those finals!

Or not.

If you are anything like me, procrastination is one of your gifts.  AKA, you put that shit off until the last minute.  (Sorry mom!)  I mean seriously, who wants to write an 8 page paper on a piece of art that you will probably never need to regurgitate information about anyways?  I would much rather spend time playing with my cats or working on an art project.

As long as you get a decent grade, and by decent I mean it counts for credit, who really cares?  In 10 years, are those grades really going to matter that much?  Probably not.  All that will matter then is whether or not you have that piece of paper saying you finished all the requirements to get such and such degree from some college or university.

So here is to taking yet another step towards finishing that degree.  Good luck to everybody who is still on that path!

P.S.  Here is a picture of Walter (one of my cats).  He is really happy the semester is over…

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